Welcome to Endox EDX!

This blockchain was devised and created through the community for the community
(replacing upon community request the old EndoV2 that this is swapping from)

the goal of this project is to become it's own Operating System for all platforms
(As secure and user-friendly as Linux but as beautiful and graceful as Macintosh OS)

Endox has our very own variation of the famous algorithm BlueMidnightWish.
We've implemented amazing features such as master nodes, instantTX, Velocity,
VRX3, Encrypted Messaging will be added next update, Explorers, and web-wallets.

We would like to encourage you to take a look at the other pages on this website as
there is a lot of information available such as detailed instructions on how to
operate and join in the swap from EndoV2 to Endox EDX along with links for community
info and much much more.

Looking to download the latest wallet/client? Head over to the "Downloads" page and
get yourself a copy! All links point to our GitHub releases so you'll always be able
to see and download the latest versions, no need to worry if the website links are up
to date or not!

If you'd like to get in touch with questions, comments, suggestions, or especially if
you're interested in contributing in some way to the project we would love to hear from
you! Please visit the "Community" page and click on the "Join us on Discord" link to
get started.