About Us


Role:                         Blockchain based Operating System using Linux's open source philosophy
Max coin supply:      8,850,000,000 (8.85-billion EDX)
Algorithm:                 Wish (bmw512)
Block Reward:          75% chance - 276 EDX | 25% chance - 372 EDX
Ticker:                       EDX
Type:                         PoW/PoS + Masternodes
Peer port:                 51441
RPC port:                 51221
Block Spacing:         4.5-minutes
Relayed TX Depth:  15-blocks (sent or received TX)
Min Staking Depth:  25-blocks (Relayed TX)
Mined TX Depth:      90-blocks


Masternodes help secure the Endox [EDX] network by making it
more decentralized, providing a consensus for every transaction, and
other extended features such as private messaging and so on.
For providing these important services, Masternode owners are
rewarded a portion of each block.

Block Reward: 75% chance - 579.6 EDX | 25% chance - 781.2 EDX
Collateral:        50,000 EDX


2018 Road Map

• Logo design
• Blockchain
• MN and wallet development - Windows/Mac
• Bitcointalk.org page
• Discord Server/Discord Bots
• Setup Swap system

2019 Road Map

• Complete Swap
• Website
• Exchange Listing
• Whitepaper release
• Start development of blockchain based Operating System
• Community alpha test of prototype Operating System
• Initial release of proof of concept
• Start Development of full Operating System

2020 – 2021 Road Map
• Community beta testing of Operating System
• Release of beta Operating System
• Finish Endox Operating System and release non-beta
• Beta testing of Install-from-blockchain functionality
• Initial release of Install-from-blockchain feature